wolfcrow159 asked:

Ohh pretty art, let's see what else this person does! *click* *two hours later* omg this person does some of the best art I've ever seen o.O oh it's like hrs past bed time... Dammit... I so got lost looking at your art! Worth it. AMAZING!!!

oh gosh ;o; thank you so so so much! It really means alot that you like my stuff <33

To new followers and probobly old

Hello and thank you for following me, it means alot!
But I have a feeling most of you followed me because of Steam Powered Giraffe fanart. I’m afraid I have to tell you that I will not be doing much SPG fanart…

There is of course my Walter OC Sven, who I will be still be drawing lots of since he’s my babby. 
And honestly I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any more Evil!Spine, depends on if I have a reason or inspiration for it. I do still really love my Evil!Spine concept, so there might be some drawings in the future when I find inspiration for it. 

I’m sorry to all who has followed and expected lots of SPG :c 

cynicalsleeper asked:

Hi there! I was curious, that evil!spine pic you drew, the one where he has fangs and bloodied claws, is the dialogue attached to it from a fanfiction? If so, could you direct me towards it? Thanks

I’m sorry but the dialouge attached to it is just something I wrote to go along with the drawing ;w; There’s no fanfiction I’m afraid :c

Anonymous asked:

your spg fanart just oh my god. Are you still doing that? please do more. because evil!spine is the best ever. just grah

Thank you! Glad you like it ;; <3

I haven’t done SPG fanart in a long time, tbh, kinda lost interest? I’ve been thinking of doing some updated drawings on Evil!Spine though, but I never really get around to do it :c